It is important to start every session with a warm up phase to prepare your body for intense exercise, there are many types of warm ups which are designed specific for training demands or specific to sports.

At Urban Reform we use a method called R.A.M.P which is an essential warm up method used within strength and conditioning to get the best out of your performance and most importantly prepare your body for intense bursts and exerting large forces.

Ramp Warm Ups In A Nutshell

  • R.A.M.P stands for, RAISE your metabolic indicators (heart rate and breathing), ACTIVATE your muscles, MOBILISE your joints, POTENTIATE movement (Up the intensity).
  • A consistent 5-10 minute RAMP warm up will help you get the most out of each session, allow you to check in on your body for any aches and pains, avoid injury and make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for your workout.

Learn how to undertake an effective RAMP WARM UP

Below we have provided you with a warm up to prepare you for your sessions in hand. Why not get to our sessions 5 minutes early to complete the warm up below:








Get started by getting your blood pumping and increase your metabolic markers such as your heart rate and breathing rate.

Bike, Rowing machine, treadmill, star jumps, running on the spot.



Wake your muscles up and move them from a sedentary state to increased activity.

Hip thrusts, crab walks, duck walks, bear crawls


Make sure your joints are nice and limber to move through the range of motion freely and without pain.

Inchworms, Lizard Lunges, runners lunge with twist, lumbar twist, scorpions, squat hold with twists, cat-cow, squat to hamstring extension



Start to increase the intensity moving closer and closer to your working intensity.

3 sets of squats and push ups increasing weight and reps.

If you need help on understanding each of these exercises please drop the team a message below and we will support you with your warm session prior to starting your class.