How do i get started?

Send the team a message via instagram @urbanreformfit or email

If you are part of our wellbeing service at AJ BELL you will have clear directions on how to set up your membership within the communal space.


Where is ur based?

Urban Reform is based 2 minutes walk from Piccadilly Train Station, and we are directly behind the NEW Mayfield Park. Our Facility is within the Railway Arch on Temperance Street.

Our address is:

106 Temperance street


M12 6HR

Check us out on google maps below to give you a good idea of where we are located:



At Urban Reform head quarters you can get changed and store all belongings with us at reception, we have very basic changing facilities and currently we do not have shower facilities.


At our AJ Bell wellbeing service we have lockers, changing facilities, showers and a drying room. This is situated directly next to the AJ Bell gym so you can get changed quick and jump onto one of our classes.


there IS PARKING on the street on Temperence street but this is limited to one side as the other side is double yellow lined. At the times of classes there is space to park up and down the street but you are parking at your own risk. If you want to park within a carpark, there is one located directly next to Mayfield Park which is closest to our facility.



You can trial a session or a number of sessions within a 7 day period if you are brand new to our services. You can request a free trial by messaging the team team or you can click on the link below to get you started with your free trial.




At UR we have 2 coaches to accommodate the variety of abilities that come to our classes.

It sounds cliché but we all have to start somewhere and why not start at a facility where at the heart of the business there is a plan to support inactive clients to thrive within our facility. We guarantee from your first steps in the facility you will be looked after and we have a process which will make sure you will learn a lot from our team.


No, as in any gym you do not legally have to have an induction.

Each session at our facility will be directed and supported by our coaches and will adapt to suite you ability.

However, you will have to declare in your waiver that you deem yourself competent in the gym and with the machines. This will mean that you waive any rights to do with misuse of the equipment or injuries occurred in relation to the correct operation of the machines.

If you feel you require an induction/consultation or would like any form of support in relation to the use of the facilities on site we are here to help you. Please mention with our sales team that you may need extra support prior to jumping into classes or email the team at:

For our Wellbeing services please email and we will arrange a
induction at a time that suits you. Full inductions will last approx. 20 – 25 minutes.

How do i start a membership

You will firstly set up by creating a username and password for our booking system know as GOTEAM UP, please save these.


Once logged in you can choose from the following memberships.


The steps you will take are:

  • Completion of Screening form and PARQ
  • Signing a Waiver
  • Setting up payments monthly for our membership which will direct you to GOCARDLESS

For Workplace wellbeing staff memberships are free to access, please follow the steps below for this:

You would have been sent a Scan QR code and complete the online sign up form and waivers/PAR-Q.

The link for this package is below:

Workplace wellbeing (Only for AJ Bell staff)

You will create a username and password, please save these details
* Do this first and then download the app *Team Up Members and login using the credentials you
had just created on the form.
You will now be registered with a FREE AJ Bell membership which will give you access to the full
timetable of sessions.

Payments and processes

If you pay for a membership using our Goteamup system, we use GO Cardless who will be the middle man to take the monthly transactions. This will then be paid to Urban Reform directly when everything is correct. This process helps to make refunds quickly if the client has made a mistake in the payment process.

Every package is set up as 12 month rolling, which means payments will be taken out on the date you requested monthly, you can stop this at any time by cancelling your Go Cardless and cancelling your membership with GOTeamup. You are not tied into 12 months and it is a rolling month by month payment. Payments are significantly reduced if you do pay for 6 month memberships which is also an option on our booking system.

Why is it 12 month rolling?

This saves you creating the same process every month when you set up a new package, and you can cancel at anytime, you are not tied into 12 months.

pausing and cancelling memberships

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by cancelling the direct debit with your bank. If you pay by recurring card payment, please contact the team @urbanreformfit so we can support you with and we would be keen to hear your reasoning for leaving. 

Important note: You must make sure coaches are notified you are cancelling so we can cancel via your booking app GoTeamUp, otherwise you will continue to receive payment emails.

  • Please note, for all cancellation requests received with less than 7 days’ notice of your billing date, payment may still be taken but will not be refunded. 

What does Pausing a membership mean? 

Pausing your membership is a great way to retain your membership at a discounted rate per month. 

Whether you are going on holiday or returning from injury, pausing means you don’t need to cancel and pay full price  when you come back – so it’s a great way to help you save! 

How do I Pause/UnPause my membership? 

You can pause and unpause your membership via instagram (@urbanreformfit) by messaging the team, please note, all pauses must be processed BEFORE your billing date. With less than 7 days notice, payment may still be taken and will not be refunded. You will be asked to pay a pro-rata portion of your monthly membership when you unfreeze so you can use the gym again straight away.

As a monthly member, can I Pause for free? 

As an Urban Reform member, you are eligible for 2-month’s free pause within a 12-month period. Once you add the pause, your membership will remain active up to your next payment date and then the pause will begin. The pause will end at the end of that billing month. You need to allow at least 7 days to apply the pause to hold an upcoming payment. You can remove the pause at any time, and you will be asked to pay a pro-rata portion of your monthly membership when you unpause so you can use the gym again straight away.

As a monthly member, can I pause after the free pause ends? 

You will be able to pause again from the date your pause ends. This will apply a rolling monthly pause, changing your monthly payments to 50% off current membership package whilst on pause. You can remove the pause at any time, and you will be asked to pay a pro-rata portion of your monthly membership when you unpause so you can use the gym again straight away. If you have recently made a payment, not to worry, your next payment will be adjusted.

I haven’t used the gym, how can I get a refund? 

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for unused memberships. If you no longer wish to be a member of Urban Reform, you must cancel your membership before your billing date. Please note, all cancellation requests must be received BEFORE your billing date. With less than 7 days notice, payment may still be taken.


Any other questions

If you would like to know something in particular which hasn’t been mentioned please click below: