Job Description

Our busy, growing gym in the city centre of Manchester is in need of a personal trainer to take over the mentoring and fitness guidance of our transformation programme and classes for our clients. The successful applicant will be responsible for taking on new and existing clients, but for also soliciting new business. We are looking for a candidate who cares about people who wants to understand, support and provide provision which caters for the client’s needs.


Advert ends August 2021

We’re looking for a motivated individual with group delivery, sales experience and creative outlook who can help us establish a competitive edge in Manchester. Since many of our clients are interested in weight training, boxing and HIIT, Trainers with experience in those areas will receive top priority.

 PT level 3
 At least 1 class-based instructor course
 2 years PT experience
 First Aid trained

 S&C level 3 or 4
 Boxing/MMA specific experience or teaching qualification
 MHFA trained

£20 per session of class delivery (Transformation program and classes). Rental fee for personal trainers will subsequently be a tiered system to support each coach to build their client base, this also includes monthly training to develop your business model. This means there will be a trade in hours working for UR to cover rental fees.

For transformation programmes, coaches can earn a percentage of the profits of up to 15% based on the total earnings for the transformation programme for that month (after cost have been deducted). As a personal trainer in the city centre your rates are set by yourself, currently our average client charge for personal training is £30 per hour.

Rent System:

  • 0-10 hours coaching per week = 4 hours rent per week
  • 11-20 hours coaching per week = 6 hours rent per week
  • 21+ hours coaching per week = 8 hours rent per week

 Coaches are paid on average £20 per session for each session they coach outside of their rent
 Each coach can potentially earn a set % for running services and projects Overview Responsibilities
 Assume the responsibility of training new and existing clients as part of the UR transformation programme who are interested in increasing their fitness levels, losing weight, building muscle mass and entering competitions.
 Provide clients with a safe, reasonable exercises that can be performed in the gym and at home.
 Lead the group fitness classes when necessary.
 Lead on the delivery of the transformation programmes which includes reviewing
the handbooks and the client’s journey through their personal portfolios.
 Advise clients about important safety concerns and demonstrate exercises as
 Wear Urban Reform coaching clothing when delivering sessions
 Coaches must report their personal training hours weekly
 Coaches must book their clients in via shared online calendar
 Maintain hygiene standards in the gym
 Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early before delivering sessions
 Explain sessions in a clear instructive manor prior to start
 Ensure adequate rests and drink breaks for clients
 Maintain 2m distance with all clients and coaches at all times
 Keep equipment clean during the sessions and make sure it is cleaned each time a
different person is going to use it
 Wipe down equipment after the training session
 Complete a full clean of the gym every evening
 Maintain tidiness of the gym
 Encourage clients not to bring plastic bottles
 Review risk assessment regularly (Covid based risk assessment)
Essential expectations of you:
 Design and adapt training programmes to suit clients’ needs
 Self-motivation to complete tasks required in specific timescales
 To monitor and evaluate numerous different aspects of client coaching
 Influencing skills to champion change in clients
 Presentation skills, especially in working in large groups
 Utilising motivational interviewing when working with clients
 Passionate about helping and motivating other to change
 Knowledge and understanding of a client centred approach
 Evidence of providing science-based feedback
Desirable expectations of you:

 Skilled in delivering and developing education products and services to promote change in client’s health and wellness
 Knowledge and experience of delivering workplace wellness programmes
 Knowledge of advanced training techniques e.g. Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics,
conditioning etc…
 Ability to market online and in-person



Class Responsibilities:
 Create programmes for classes
 Promote classes via different platforms (through Instagram, Facebook and must use
UR branded material)
 Communicate with clients monthly via class surveys
 Communicate with clients weekly for attendance
Class Pay:
 The coach of the strength camp will be paid £20 per session outside of their rent hours.
 If another coach coaches alongside them then the payment will be reduced to £10 per coach per session outside of their rent hours.
Transformation Group Responsibilities:
 Follow processes for the transformation groups
 Delegate key roles to the support coaches
 Relay weekly feedback about the groups to the MDs
 Promote transformation groups weekly (through insta, facebook and must use UR
branded material).
 Review client logs bi-weekly and give detailed feedback
 Support clients regularly with nutrition and training reviews and advice
 Following/supporting the weekly agendas e.g. weekly seminars from Dean, Ricky & Carlton.
 Support the review process (completing averages of portfolio & reviews)
 Support the client requirements for the programme
Transformation Group Pay:
 The coach of the Transformation Group will be paid £20 per session outside of their rent hour.
 If the group exceeds 6 people, two coaches will then be required, and the payment will be reduced to £10 per coach per session outside of their rent hours.
Weekly working hours:

 To be decided Additional Payments:
 Potentially percentage-based system of 7.5% of total profits of the transformation groups (coaches are only entitled to this pay if they have met the criteria of the transformation group responsibilities).
 Potentially additional residency and workplace wellness contract payments
 Potentially additional teaching role payments


If you are interested please send your CV to

Interviews will take place from July and applications will close on 7th August 2021.