Name: Dean Ashton

What he does: MSc Nutrition & exercise science, Level 4 lower back specialist and sports massage therapist, Personal trainer level 3, Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach.

What you didn’t know: Dean has experience of 11 years as a Personal training and health coach for individuals who required extra support.

Dean started his career in the fitness industry 11 years ago with ambitions to change the world, unfortunately his experiences led him to challenge the misleading and confusing information out there rather than support it.


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Disgruntled with the industry, he set out to learn more about people and increase his knowledge within this area. In particular he changed his career completely and worked with people with mental health concerns and those that presented themselves as homeless. His passion to help disadvantaged groups helped him engage with the most inactive in society, helping people who really needed a core foundation of nutrition and exercise to change their lives positively.

Working in the homeless sector led Dean to complete a masters, which is where his research opened up many doors such as being allocated further funding from Comic Relief and Sport England to grow more health led projects. This was something Dean is now extremely proud about and it is where he created his own job role to help more people on national scale which led to national award-winning projects.

This career provided Dean with the essential values on why he wanted to help people in first place, and he felt it was time to come back to the fitness industry in 2014 to continue to provide effective programmes that educated people to take ownership of their health.

Here’s a little bit from Dean:

“I set up my first fitness business up a year later in 2015 known as Trident Nutrition and Training where I offered doorstep fitness in parks, carparks and sports fields to engage people in fitness at any time and any place. Partner and I at the time transformed many lives from a physical, mental and social perspective and started to grow more as a community.

As we started to branch out our offer into the city centre of Manchester, I was introduced to Ricky Gibbins from RikFit through a close friend. From this initial meeting it was obvious we had the same ideas and passion to really make an impact to help people from an educational point of view but to offer a service which allowed people to grow their resilience and confidence to help with their everyday lives. This is where Urban Reform was created and to this day one of the best projects/businesses I have been involved with.

The business has currently been a huge success, attracting large client bases and building successful partnerships with national business such as Selfridges.

We hope to continue to help all and achieve my overall goal to change the world.”