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Urban Reform offer a range of corporate wellbeing services to help your business further empower and
support your employees to lead happier and healthier lives.

This will promote a greater sense of value for staff and help you to retain and develop top talent in your specific industry.
All of our current wellbeing programs have reported increases in significant important human traits such as self confidence,
resilience and increased energy and focus levels. All of which will add quality to your overall business goals.

We know that physically and mentally, healthy employees are better employees. Therefore we are making our programs
accessible to all by providing bespoke packages to suit your business needs. We offer a range of support levels for your
business depending on the size, nature and individual needs of your staff.




Workplace Wellness Packages
Workplace Wellness Packages

Our bundles and extras in more depth:

Physical Exercise Programs & Facility Management

Offering a consistent wellbeing service on site with a dedicated space will allow you to fully establish a culture of health and wellbeing in your business. This will also significantly enhance your employee benefits package by adopting this progressive approach through providing convenient and dedicated on-site support.


This direct on-site provision will encompass a holistic wellbeing program with tailored workshops, regular Health MOTs and other mental and physical health supporting events.


This will have the biggest and best outcome for staff and contribute to long term profitability and growth of your business and staff.


Health Checks

Workplace Health Checks

Our Workplace health checks are a fantastic way to introduce health and wellbeing to your business. Most action on personal health starts with seeing visible health test results. These will give employees a first hand insight in to some of their key health markers and is a great starting point to kick start your employee health agenda.

Our health checks offer a range of in depth checks including an assessment of the employees anthropometrics, body composition, lung function, blood pressure and assessment of calories needed to function throughout the day. These are then evaluated against the normative data and key recommendations are given in the form of a health check report.

Bespoke Packages

Bespoke Workshop Packages (6 - 12 week programs)

Includes a bespoke blend of educational workshops and physical sessions.

Mental Health – A focus on putting mental health at the centre of wellbeing. This will be a discovery of what mental health means to your business and employees and educating individuals about the impact of exercise on their mental health.

Posture Awareness – discovering strategies to offset sedentary periods of working through a combination of education, sports massage/rehab and strength/stretch sessions to take a pro active approach to developing correct posture behaviours in the workplace.

Nutrition – Breaking down the common myths of nutrition and providing education around the best fuel for the working day.


Initial consultation with On-boarding & Sign up support
Strategy Development
Integration of services to current business needs
Access to FREE further branded educational material on Nutrition, Home Based Exercise programs for Hybrid workers & Mental Health support
Access to a network of health professionals


Caitlin Banks - Transfers in Team

I am in the best shape of my life and I am looking to build on this in the new year. The free health checks are a fantastic way to keep track of your progress.

I'm not huge fan of working from home so I enjoy coming to the office to make use of the gym facilities as it helps me both physically and mentally. As someone who suffers with mental health problems including depression and anxiety, it has really helped me in these areas and I like the fact that I have met other employees of the company that I would not usually cross paths with. Dealing directly with customers can be stressful, so attending a gym session on my lunch hour breaks up the day and I feel much more relaxed and positive entering my afternoon rather than carrying any negativity through the day.

Neil O’Dwyer - Application Support Analyst

The fact that some classes are taught by specialists in that area, Boxing with a Pro, Lifting Program etc, is amazing, they really focus on technique which is important to learn so you don’t injure yourself.

We are only a few weeks in and I can already feel the benefits, I cannot tell you how much I have missed regular exercise, both mentally & physically.

The nutrition workshop was really informative and useful, I will definitely be attending future workshops and making use of the info provided.

Bhavish Jugnauth - Senior Financial Controls Manager

I really enjoyed the transformation program and thought the format of one instructed class and one self-directed class worked well. I also really liked that we were given a booklet of sessions to complete as it has given me something to refer back to and use myself in the gym after the completion of the program.

Overall it was a great program that I found really beneficial and really good in the run up to Christmas.

Roxxanne Ellis - Client support Senior Administrator

Thanks for organising, my apologies I couldn’t be there in person (or on time!).

Very valuable session. I also highly rate the massage session that was held a few weeks ago. I certainly felt the benefits of no longer having tight hamstrings, which contribute to my lower back pain. I would, as I am certain that most people who took the opportunity and did the massages, certainly like to see them come back as a “permanent” fixture on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Helen Potts - Head of Transfers Senior Manager

I just wanted to say how enjoyable the program was! I came away from it so much more focussed and stronger. The structure of the program was really good and It helped having an additional coach attend the sessions so each group had their own instructor guiding everyone through the exercises.

Jonathan Poon - Application Support Team Leader

I just want to say how important it is to have a health check and say a massive thanks to Luke for taking the time and care to go through it all with me.

When the post on the Exchange came out about a health check I thought, I run 5km every other day, and I have attended a couple of the gym classes. My eating habits are alright. Why not? I’m healthy. I was totally wrong!

During the health check I found out that I wasn’t overweight and had a below body fat ratio but my blood pressure readings were dangerously high! Luke also said he would need to call the ambulance if those readings were true. I felt fine but Luke advised I contact my GP. Having contacted my GP and monitored my readings for a week, it turns out the readings were true and that I have high blood pressure and now need to take a tablet every day to control it.

It is so important to have regular health checks and if it wasn’t for the one available through work, who knows what could have happened? Don’t delay and get it done!

Jack Shorrock - Customer Service Agent AJ Bell

Urban Reform have helped me get back in to the gym after an extremely lazy lockdown. It started with a couple of sessions in the gym and then attended a free sports massage at the facility.

Then I met Luke and started in the gym towards the end of 2022. I knew I had a lot of weight to lose to be happy but I started with half an hour on my dinner each day. I did the 8 weeks transformation programme and this really inspired me to push my fitness on to the next level so I began boxing in the morning. After making a bit of progress I scheduled a health check with Luke and he helped me realise how far I had come and what I needed to do to get to the next stage. Since then, I have continue to train hard and I am now 2/3rds of the way to my target weight and feeling fitter by the day. Me and Luke have a catch up Fitness check booked in to track my progress and update my goals and this has made sure I remain accountable on days when I’m less motivated. Altogether this is a big thank you to Luke, Dean and the UR team!

Caitlin Banks - Transfers in Team

Starting the workday off with a class really helps destress and wake you up for the work day.

I really enjoy the routine of the classes, Luke always makes a massive effort to make sure you’re enjoying yourself, but always pushing yourself and makes sure you’re doing the exercises right whilst making them fun. He always is organised for class and has a really positive attitude every day!


Just thought I would drop you an email with some feedback after coming out of my massage.

I found the session really beneficial and informative. The massage was much needed but so was the advice that was given for maintaining a healthy back and the stretches that we went through.

The work that Urban Reform are doing and the extra bits that they are offering are amazing and much better than what we got previously.

Thanks for the work that you are doing with them.

Daniela Doritika (Transformation Groups)

I am a total gym-phobe but all the coaches at UR instantly put you at ease. The atmosphere alone is infectious, and you soon feel part of the UR family. The 3-month transformation group at Urban Reform has been one of the best things I’ve done. It was a great fitness boost which I needed to keep me motivated to make progress. Every session is different, challenging and fun. You always come out of a session feeling so glad you went. All the coaches are knowledgeable, motivating and supportive. What was meant to be a three-month plan has turned into on-going training! I'm excited to see the progress I can make in the next 3-month transformation group. I honestly can’t recommend Urban Reform enough. If you’re looking for fun with fitness, new challenges to push yourself, and make an amazing new group of friends to train with get in touch with the UR team today! You won’t regret it!


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