The UR Fit is an access all areas pass to all our large group sessions which are provided to educate you to build strength, tone and burn some serious fat. This is not just a gym, this a community of like minded people pushing themselves to be stronger physically and mentally within our classes.

Each session is open to a maximum of 15 attendees to allow quality and greater observation for our coaches to get the best out of you. Within each session dependent on numbers there will either be 1 or 2 coaches to educate you through an extremely detailed well planned class which is guaranteed to get the best out of your ability. All programs are offered weekly with times and days below.

The UR FIT PASS Includes:

  • High intensity interval training
  • Bootcamp
  • Strength camp
  • Boxing for beginners and for those with a little more experience
  • Yoga
  • Handstand workshop

Each program is planned monthly by our team of experts whom include:

  •  Professional boxer
  • High intensity coach who has worked with elite football players
  • Strength and conditioning coaches whom have worked with elite level boxers, basketball players, football players and MMA athletes
  • A qualified Masters of Nutrition and exercise science professional



Weekly sessions

Instructed by our high intensity coach, if you are looking for a workout and are short on time, our high intensity class could be the answer for you. This class is great fun and easy to modify so that you can work at your own pace and level of ability. It is super intense but in just half an hour, give this a try to see some great results.


The class is only a half an hour long so you can fit it in before work. The class will provide you with a complete break down of exercises you complete, an intense workout to timed music and a stretch off at the end.


The use of interval style training will help build your fitness levels up fast! The great thing about this type of training is you can also work at your own level by using modifications of the tougher exercises to suit your own abilities.


Weekly sessions

What does it take to reach your strength potential?

The strength program will take you through the basics of getting under the bar and optimising your strength like never before.

This program is led by our team of strength and conditioning experts who have 20 years’ experience between them on Olympic weight lifting, building strength, developing overall performance and reducing the risks of injuries.

The programs are created to educate you on specific barbell exercises, understanding the movement within a particular muscle group and understanding internal muscle cues to re-integrate a muscle group into a movement pattern.



Weekly sessions


This is our extreme circuit style program which pushes you to the max whilst having fun.Our trainers at Urban reform have been offering outdoor fitness in parks, car parks and within the city centre since 2012.

At UR BOOTCAMP we promote:

  • A strong community environment
  • Team building with like minded people
  • Pushing you out of your comfort zone to achieve the best results for you.



Weekly sessions

Why choose UR Boxing?

This program delivers the maximum benefits you’d get from a private boxing facility training but with a friendly, competitive dimension of having someone to train alongside. All our classes are small and give you the tools to defend, punch and move better. Our qualified boxing coach and professional boxer will help you gain the most from your sessions, eliminating bad habits and ensuring you optimise your time here. We pride ourselves on our results and always make sure that you are training hard and achieving your individual goals.

Your first boxing lesson

The first lesson at UR boxing is always free and gives you a no-obligation opportunity to find out if our training is right for you. We offer beginners and advanced sessions which is a great way of getting a close-up look at the place and meeting our coaches who can quickly and accurately assess how fit you are and how easily you pick up the training. This helps us to shape a tailored plan for each of our members and to understand specifically what they want to gain from their sessions.

We advise if you are new to boxing please come 5-10 minutes early so your coach can go through the basics of the stance and how to use the pads and gloves.


The Hatha Vinyasa practice promises to work your body and mind. You will be flowing through some postures and holding others for time, to gain strength and flexibility both mentally and physically.

These classes have been designed so there something for everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or this is your first time your toes touch the mat, this classis for you!

Learn to connect with your breath through pranayama (breathing techniques), to increase prana (energy) ground yourself and take charge of your mind.

Classes incorporate visualisations, meditations, basic principles of yogic philosophy and awesome tunes!
If you can bring a mat that’s great, but we can supply one if you need one.


Monthly sessions

Workshops led by our top hand stand specialists at UR and are experts in optimising your strength throughout without having to lift a single weight.

This workshop will be a fun way to experience life upside down. These sessions are ran monthly so make sure you get your name down when you book in for your class pass.

Whether you are looking to kickstart or advance your hand balancing practice, you will learn an effective method which gives you the necessary tools, techniques, and confidence to safely practice and perform a freestanding handstand.

Our coach Carlton is a certified strength and conditioning coach and Personal Trainer with many years of training and teaching experience in calisthenics, strength workouts, gymnastics, hand-balancing, weightlifting and a larger variety of martial arts and other movement disciplines.

Teaching style

This workshop will pace each individual’s physical level with personal attention and group coaching from the trainer. There will be a lot of feedback, practice and partner assisted exercises to support each and every participant in finding their zone to perform a handstand confidently.

Class content

  • Overview of handstanding Anatomy
  • Core and arm support strength
  • Finger control and wrist preparations
  • Handstand on wall drills
  • Alignment and balance drills
  • Entry to Handstand
  • Handstand spotting

For more info on the UR FIT PASS

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Our service, UR thoughts


Daniela Doritika (Transformation Groups)

I am a total gym-phobe but all the coaches at UR instantly put you at ease. The atmosphere alone is infectious, and you soon feel part of the UR family. The 3-month transformation group at Urban Reform has been one of the best things I’ve done. It was a great fitness boost which I needed to keep me motivated to make progress. Every session is different, challenging and fun. You always come out of a session feeling so glad you went. All the coaches are knowledgeable, motivating and supportive. What was meant to be a three-month plan has turned into on-going training! I'm excited to see the progress I can make in the next 3-month transformation group. I honestly can’t recommend Urban Reform enough. If you’re looking for fun with fitness, new challenges to push yourself, and make an amazing new group of friends to train with get in touch with the UR team today! You won’t regret it!

Jenna Gillett (Transformation Groups)

I chose Urban Reform to change-up my regular pattern of the ‘normal gym goer’, where I missed gym sessions and made excuses. I wanted to really focus, and the 3-month transformation course has been the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of fitness. Each coach brings a different skill, while collectively making an amazing team. The support and knowledge they offer is next level, and ultimately, that’s proven by the results I’ve achieved. After 3 months I’m beyond satisfied with how I look and feel! It is definitely a commitment, but I wouldn’t want to train any other way now. If you’re looking for a community atmosphere, with great friends and coach’s, and unreal results, I couldn’t recommend UR more!

Claudia Steven (Squire Patton & Boggs)

Urban Reform delivered an informative health and fitness event for a group of our clients. Targeted at young professionals, Dean and Ricky tailored the content of their session to the needs and interests of the audience, which we had captured in advance. As a result, their session was highly relevant and, and their humorous yet credible presentation skills kept the audience engaged throughout. Both Dean and Ricky also utilised the networking sessions to meet with all of our guests and find out more information about their health and fitness goals and offered personalised advice that was greatly appreciated by our guests. Overall, the event received excellent feedback from our guests, will many guests expressing an interest in attending similar events in the future.

Paige Mansbridge (Transformation Groups)

Being a beginner and not exercising for over 4 years, I was apprehensive at first, but from the minute i started at Urban Reform, I felt at ease. Everyone was really friendly, and I would recommend UR to anyone!

Chloe Siddall (Transformation Groups)

I have been to other gyms & done other diets but the accountability UR gives & the motivation & encouragement the coaches provide ensure that anyone can do it. Just 4 weeks in & I feel so much stronger, fitter & more confident within myself. My main goal was to feel happier & I’m reaching my targets only a third of the way in. Training at UR has been a completely life changing experience & I highly recommend the transformations groups to anyone & everyone no matter what your goals are. I will continue to use the knowledge that my trainers have taught me about exercise & nutrition for the rest of my life.

Phia Ritchie (UR Classes)

5 Stars! UR classes are fantastic! If you're looking for something more exciting than the gym, then UR is definitely for you. The coaches and people you train with are all supportive and encouraging. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Neill Porter (Selfridges)

Absolutely fantastic programme, the staff are buzzing from the sessions, they felt everything that was offered was related to the working environment.

Statistic (Urban Reform Clients)

On average 80% of our clients considerably improve on their mental health scores within just 6 weeks. This is based on our initial client surveys compared to our 6-week reviews.

Statistic (Urban Reform Clients)

Within just 3 months from opening, our client base trebled without any external investment. Also, our wellness contracts continue to grow with multiple apartments and workplaces across Manchester e.g. West Tower, The Slate Yard, Selfridges, Squire etc...