Name: Ricky Gibbins

Age: 24


What he does: Personal training, PT mentoring,  Entrepreneur and transformation specialist, Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach.

What you didn’t know: Ricky is a type 1 diabetic.

Ricky is a personal trainer from Manchester. He’s been coaching for 10 years; Yes, that’s right, 10 years! He started at the age of 14 working with friends and family in local parks and his parents’ garage.

Ricky, also known as “RIKFIT”, is a very successful personal trainer who specialises in achieving transformations and mentoring other personal trainers. He originally set up his first PT business –Rik Fit Dynamic Coaching –at the age of 18. This is a home-based personal training business that specialises in one to one and small group training within the local community.


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By the time Rick was 21, he had generated a demand too large for him to manage, so he expanded his business to meet the overwhelming demand and produce even more outstanding transformations on a larger scale. A few years later, Rik met his soon to be Business partner Dean Ashton, and due to their passion for changing and improving other peoples’ lives, they set up the business you are looking at right now–Urban Reform.

Rick and Dean aim to develop Urban Reform into a large-scale business that works with the majority of work forces in city centres and offers tailored coaching packages to people living in and around the city centre.

Here’s a little bit from Rick: “Even though I’m still quite young, I’ve been in the PT game long enough to have made enough training and nutrition mistakes to last me a life-time. Some I’m sure you’ve made too…I’ve done extreme diets, insanely intense training programs, searched for the “magic” transformation pill, yo-yo dieted, followed tons of ‘guru’s’ and much more. However, without making all of the above mistakes so early on in my career, I wouldn’t be as successful a coach as I am today. I’m a very resilient person; Whenever I’m faced with a problem, whether it’s in my personal life or business-related, I always find a way to overcome it.

I’ve gained that much experience from working with thousands of clients and achieving stupendous amounts of transformations, that helping someone transform has become nothing but second nature to me. My goal is simple… to help as many people as I possibly can. I want to transform people’s lives for the better through a skill that I’m very good at -personal training and mentoring. Even though I’ve helped thousands of people change their lives for the better, I’m still extremely eager to help many more people through my multiple business ventures, one of which being this phenomenal business we’ve set up – Urban Reform. There’s no catch with me, no tricks, no games, I am who I am and I’m here to help support people in achieving their goal in any way that I possibly can!