The support from the whole team has been brilliant from day 1.

It’s great to see the results almost immediately- I would 100% recommend.


Why was this program created?

To achieve what other personalised group training programmes do not – results that last beyond the (finish) of the programme.

– This is done by educating you to manage your own training programme, nutrition, habits and lifestyle routine to fit with your own personal goals.


what does the program involve?

To transform the lives of busy inner city people to give back ownership of their health and happiness to become the best version of themselves.


  • Stage 1 Assessment:

We start by getting to know you, what is your higher objectives, what are your ambitions and most importantly we will advise you on the best program for you right now which ticks all your boxes.

You will be assigned a support session with one of our coaches who will listen, guide and support you to understand the best journey for you as part of our in-depth assessment process.

You will be set up on our onboarding system called GO Team Up where the team will offer you support via this portal and keep you motivated throughout. This is also where you can book classes and gain access to essential videos to support you through the process.

Your coach will set you up with your very own training app to track your training progress with access to lots of useful guides like how to calculate your own calorie targets, eating out, recipe guides and many more.


  • Stage 2 Design:

This is where the package is designed around you, based on your goals you can choose the best training for you from the following;

  • PACKAGE 1: CONDITIONING (High intense exercises which include boxing, Cross-HIIT and bootcamp)
  • PACKAGE 2: STRENGTH (Learn how to lift and get strong)



  • Stage 3 Prescribe:

As you train with us your goals can evolve and coaches can prescribe the best wrap around support in 3 specific areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle and habit development to support a resilient mindset

All the packages will offer access to these workshops, each of these workshops are 1 hour long, this is where you will get a fully interactive presentation in person with available access to recorded workshops for members only On demand via your onboarding section on Go Teamup.

The workshop will also advocate further support in each area where you can recieve tailored 4-8 week programs on any of the specific areas. This further support does involve an extra cost and is based on whether this is something you want as part of your wrap around support.


  • Stage 4 Deliver:

At each session the coach will deliver a detailed plan which encourages personal development, whilst your training app will hold you accountable for your results. Each program is designed by our most experienced coaches which includes qualifications in the following areas:

  • MSc in nutrition and exercise science
  • Level 4 strength and conditioning coaches
  • Transformation coaches with 1,000’s of transformations between them
  • Highly qualified personal trainers with 30 years of experience working at all levels


  • Stage 5 Review:

You have access to reviews on whether we are meeting your expectations and how we can provide a better service for you. This is open to everyone and can be done in person or online based on your availability.


We take the time to learn about you, what your main obstacles are and what currently gets in the way of you achieving your goals. From here we can work with you to find a routine that works for you. Every conversation with your coach is very collaborative. 




People living or working in the city centre who are bored with their current exercise routine and require the right education to lose the weight for the long term.


Clients come to us as they are sick of drastic/unrealistic methods to achieve the perfect body and has left them unhappy and unhealthy.


We have vast experience working with large organsiations such as; AJ bell, Exchange Quay business quarter and large global brands from Selfridges and Oh Polly. Where generally the staff work in a high pressure roles, who are looking for a balance to help create the habits to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.



– Regain control over your life that can often feel overwhelming and unattainable

– Feel stronger and more energised

– Feel more confident both in and out of the gym

– Build a better relationship with your body 

– No more wondering whether you are lifting correctly in the gym


You can walk into the weights section in the gym without feeling intimidated by others around you who you previously thought knew way more about lifting than you/ you can walk into the weights section in the gym and finally feel like you belong.


why are we different?

We educate our clients to be able to keep going and stay on track after the programme has finished. Our goal is not to keep you at our gym, we give you the knowledge so that you can choose where to train going forwards, being able to manage your nutrition and habits confidently to support your training and continue to progress. 

Where do i start?


Or Book in with our team via email on: and we can get you set up with a free trial to experience the offer and get more information on the day.